Beast Sports Nutrition Amphetalean

Beast Sports Nutrition Amphetalean

Up until recently, I have been on a cut to lose those last stubborn pounds for summertime. After having negative side effects from the ECA stack (ephedrine, caffeine, aspirin), I decided to try another thermogenic. Thermogenics are basically fat-burners. They speed up the bodys metabolism to burn fat. How they work is by acting on the central nervous system as a stimulant which curbs appetite and creates a mental focus or alertness. They also help promote lipolysis, which is basically your body using your fat for energy.

During this process, the body heats up and some people experience sweating. It is very important that you drink extra water on days your are taking thermogenics as they dehydrate you. I ended up ordering Beast Sport’s Nutrition Amphetalean. The main reason I went for this product was that it comes in a powder form, unlike many thermogenics that are large pills. The powder hits faster and tastes great

INGREDIENTS: 8/10- Amphetalean contains a proprietary blend of stimulants and appetite supressants. Among these are caffeine, Phenylethylamine HCL, Ginkgo Biloba, and niacin. Great Blend, but they could have added more to it.

TASTE: 9/10- The taste is terrific, I bought the orange cream, honestly it tastes like a cross between sunny delight and tang. my only reason for giving it a 9 is that it has a very slight bitterness at the end.

MIXABILITY: 9/10- Mixes great in a shaker bottle, it did leave some small clumps when I tried mixing with a fork in a glass. I usually shake it with ice cubes to help make it smooth. 1 scoop requires 8 oz cold water.

ENERGY/FOCUS: 8/10- I definitely got an extreme focus and energy boost after taking this on an empty stomach. It lasted about 2 hours until it slowly faded away. I wouldn’t call it a crash but more of a loss of focus if anything. I did sweat a little more than I usually do, but since i know it’s my body burning fat, I’m willing to make a sacrifice.

OVERALL: 8.5/10- Overall, Beast Amphetalean is relatively inexpensive per serving, and tastes great. I enjoy an incredible focus and desire to workout when I take this. No crash, No Jitters. The only downside I experienced was the slight bitter taste. I would highly recommend this over the ECA Stack any day.

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