Types of breast cancer

Types of breast cancer

Types of breast cancer

Breast from the histological view , consist of epithial tissue , ducts and covered by skin .

Cancer when develop it can a rise in epithial tissue and in that case it called lobular carcinoma , when it arise in ducts it called ductal carcinoma , and finally arising in the skin it called paget’s disease and as it mainly seen in breast nipple , it finally called paget’s disease of the nipple .

Lobular carcinoma , at first that carcinoma arise as amass seen mainly by radiographic diagnosis or “mammography ”, and it can not diagnosed clinically and the females in that stage does not has any complains, also that type is easily treated and that make clear why screening is very important , but when that mass grow to extent it can be paplpated by pare hand , in that time it may be non –invasive type and it may progress more and be invasive and difference between both by clinical and radiological and laboratory investigation .

Ductal carcinoma , also have the same pathway , at first it can be mainly diagnosed by mammography and then it progress to be non –invasive ,and finally invasive , but both non-invasive and invasive have sub types or histological subtypes , as non-invasive have papillary type and cemedo type , and invasive carcinoma have scirrhous , atrophic scirrhous , encephaloid and mucinious types , all of these types only from histological views.

Finally paget’s disease of the nipple , it mainly seen as an erosion of the nipple which extent to the areola and that erosion may be followed by breast tissue cancer by about one to two years, females with paget’s disease mainly are old , and that cancer commonly seen in one breast not in both . Paget’s disease consider to have good prognosis , if it alone and it mainly treated by radical mastectomy.

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