Eye Brows

Eye Brows

Grooming your eye brows

The expression on your face can tell volumes about the kind of person you are. Whether you’re upset or happy, the way your face moves can cause others to gravitate to you or shy away. Instead of creating the wrong impression with your expression, you can help to open up your demeanor with simple eye brow shaping. When your eye brows are properly shaped, they can brighten up your appearance – even when you’re not feeling so bright.

How to shape your brows

You will need several tools in order to properly shape your eye brows:

  • Small manicure scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Pencil
  • Eyeliner pen (and color will do, though white is preferable)
  • Well lit mirror
  • The first thing you need to do when you get started is to look at your face in the mirror. Look at your current bone structure and see what your eyebrows look like now. You might see that there are stray hairs between them, creating the unfortunate ''unibrow'' look - that can be easily remedied at the start or after you do the primary shaping.

    Take the pencil in one hand and the eye liner in another. Line the pencil up with your nose so that the pencil is alongside your nostril and going straight up to your scalp as straight as you can. Hold it there as you draw a small mark on your eye brow where the pencil meets it. Keeping the pencil in place, rotate it so one part is on your nostril still but the other move toward the outside corner of your eye at an angle. Wherever the pencil is meeting the outer part of your eye brow, make a small mark here too.

    Also take the pencil and carefully line it up against your eye in the center (not completely on your eye, of course) so that you have the pencil in the middle of your eye from your cheek to your forehead and mark in the middle of the eye brow where this happens.

    These marks are the lines that you will want to remember when shaping your brows. The mark that’s on the inside of your eye brow is the end of your inner shape. Anything that is in the middle of this mark (you did do both eyes, right?) will need to be removed with a tweezers. The same goes for the outside mark and removing anything outside of that mark, between the brow and your forehead.

    The middle mark is a little trickier. This is where you can start to arch your brow if you want that effect. You may want to pluck a few hairs here and then slowly create a thinner and thinner eye brow as you move toward the outside of your face.

    If you have troubles with tweezers, simply ice down your skin for a few seconds and then pluck – it’s a lot less painful. And remember that you can’t put back hairs that you’ve plucked, so take you time and pluck hairs one by one. If you should pluck too many, keep your shaping rules in mind and draw (lightly) in any missing hairs with an eyebrow pencil.

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